We are the number one authority in tree removal and tree disposal and that is because we have been in the business for so long. So long that we have seen every type of problem tree and every type of panic situation. Because of what we have seen, we urge people to get rid of problem trees as soon as there is a question of whether or not they need to come down, but these things are not always obvious. What is obvious is that if a tree does fall and there is someone there to hear it, it will be much worse and much more expensive than if you decided to have the tree removed in the first place. This is the part about tree removal that people often wonder about and the most difficult part of the job.

The most difficult part of the job is telling someone that that tree needs to come down. That they need to spend a bunch of time and money to have a tree removed just is that in the event that it comes down it doesn’t cause a bunch of damage. Yes that is what we are saying and oftentimes we do not like to say that as much as people do not like to hear it. We understand how expensive tree removal is but we also understand how important it is. We have seen and heard so many horror stories that it is better to tell people what they do not want to hear than have them shoulder the burden of the tree falling when they weren’t expecting it.

We love telling people that trees do not need to be removed

After being in business for 40 years, you learn some tricks of the trade and you learn to see things from the customers point of view. Things like how expensive tree removal is and the fact that you need to dispose of the tree after it is removed. This is why we offer our services at a fraction of the price of other companies and why whenever possible we will tell people that the tree just needs to be pruned or trimmed and that it can avoid being cut down. We love telling people this because not only do we have the supplies needed to do this, but customers much prefer these costs to having the tree removed entirely.

It is this type of honest and business practice that we have come to enjoy after 40 years of being in the industry. We have removed and disposed of so many trees that we have seen a lot of disappointed looks on customers faces when they are given the bill. We do not likek to see that but we do not want the tree to fall and cause a great deal of damage, because the looks on people’s faces after that happens is much more heartbreaking. We love to tell people that the tree just needs a trim and that we can do it.